New Year …Again?! :S

I’m convinced that it was just yesterday that the Gleaner reporter cornered me at the Turtle River Park in Ochi and asked me to list 5 highlights of 2010. DAYUMN … that really wasn’t yesterday? Where have I been all year? That being said, I really hope you don’t expect a ‘Recap’; I’m having trouble remembering what i had for breakfast, or if I even had any as yet! All I know is that it was quite a roller-coaster but I’m getting off and trying out a new ride.

It seems quite fitting that this my seventh post falls on the first day of a new year. After all,  7 is my fav # and my birth number (is that what you call it?). It is also jam packed with symbolism in my life!

I should have done this yesterday but I was totally out of it and I figured that it’d make no sense to waste a special post lamenting and inducing pity! If my 94 year old grandmother is thankful that God has spared her life, let her be a good girl  🙂 and is helping her to do well in school o.O (yea it went downhill from there) … I should have alot to say as well!

So this is what’s going down:

  • I’m pretty much at the same place that I was this time last year; a (not so) recent graduate searching for a job and wondering if I’ve wasted my life making all these plans that seem to be far from materializing. But I’m a lil wiser and ready to accept the fact that I need to make a change and be like a VECTOR! Time to give my life magnitude and direction. Nah mean!? So things aren’t as I thought they would be makes no sense to throw my hand in the air and give up.
  • My life is filled with lots of FOC’s (Friends of Convenience). It”s been that way for as long as I can remember. (Nerdy kids don’t have too many real friends)  The few real ones I have I cherish but I secretly feel that they’ll one day stab me in the back so sometimes I give them grief but I guess that my self defence mechanism! I don’t know how that can be changed but I’ll try!
  • Relationships aren’t for me … so guys please stop cussing me for my decision to not give you a chance. I’m sure you’re great and all but I’d rather be alone. She’s out there for you but really, it isn’t me! I’ve had enough.
  • I need to let the past remain where it is. Why don’t I learn that if you dig up a skeleton there’ll be nothing but bones there and yes that god-awful smell!
  • I’m far less emotional that I have been in days gone by and yes I have found my inner BITCH 🙂 Now if I can get these  crazy mood swings under control I might be one step closer to being ‘normal’
  • I’ve convinced myself that I’m going to hell…. might need a good psychiatrist or some holy water to fix me and straighten out that entire aspect of my life.
  • I have SERIOUS commitment issues. This blog is one way I will try to overcome it. So far so good. Also I hope that the world will see more ‘cards by AYO’ and that I’ll be inspired to whip up some fantastic and sale-worthy works of art!

Time is precious and yes it’s quite the cliche’ but DON’T WASTE it!!! Take risks if you must.  If you fall get back up there and go for it. NEVER QUIT – you’ll hate yourself for being so weak.


Much luv ElCeee

3 thoughts on “New Year …Again?! :S

  1. He he quite a singer eh!!! lol Nah I’m totally over it .. if that changes check me into the psych ward! Thnkx

    N D thankx too! I’m tryna keep it real!!! 😀

  2. Great post. Happy, sad, funny and real, just like you are.

    “Time is precious and yes it’s quite the cliche’ but DON’T WASTE it!!! Take risks if you must. If you fall get back up there and go for it. NEVER QUIT – you’ll hate yourself for being so weak.” Very true.

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