The Storybooks always forget Ebenezer’s Sister :(

If ever I had a nick-name, it would probably be ‘Scrooge’. Christmas Has never really been that exciting to me, I still have trouble remembering exactly what date Christmas Day is. For some reason I’ve wished that I could cross it off the calendar. In fact, this year I think I’ve come pretty close! I have cancelled the, er… ‘exchanging’ part of Christmas. Yes I am dead serious.  I am NOT leaving this house to buy anything (worse with the green and orange carnival on the streets) and if I get nothing it will be ok by me! (My how mature I am!) I would just like a nice day with my family, laughing and acting crazy as we always do and of course CUT THROAT KALOOKIE in the afternoon!!!

I won’t be needing a ‘grand market outfit’ either as the last time I went out on Christmas Eve, my Dad still had to hold my hand and watch every move I make. My how things have changed!

The holidays though, always seem to bring about some kind of reflection; after all, it’s marking the end of another year which might I add went by way too quickly for my liking! I managed to drop my ‘Grinchy’ demeanour for long enough to compile this video with a few of my favourite photos that I’ve taken as well as most of the people who had a part to play in the year that was for me. So I guess I’ll take the time to say thanks to everyone who’ve been brave enough to keep up with my many moods and phases and still think I’m awesome despite!

Check it out will yah n have a Moory Christmas!

9 thoughts on “The Storybooks always forget Ebenezer’s Sister :(

  1. o wow I didnt even witness the christmas eve was too bored maybe it is growing up or maybe drunk by sadness but I went to be early how was everyone else’s Christmas

  2. LOL! when i started reading, the last thing i expected was an ending like that. Very awesome compilation and it compels me to reflect on all those who made my year very special, including YOU! thanks a million :D…….

  3. Aweee well then Skype will be fully utilized!! 🙂 I get you though!! Don’t let the season get you bummed out! Just make sure you take the time to show the one’s you love how much you appreciate them and that you’re grateful to have been able to share in another year with them!

    Bah Humbug
    Mama Scrooge!

  4. I agree that the Christmas spirit has been overrated I really don’t feel it either but this could be due to the fact that my other half remains in a country alone away from me. Ill be home just relaxing maybe talking to her. I think your are far from scrooge but the Christmas spirit is not really appealing anymore.

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